Look Who’s Loving our Team Building Events!

Kaizen Testimonial

Teachers at Kaizen School Are Loving our Team Building Events!

As we make our way to Kaizen School, East London every January,  in heavy traffic and weather more suited to our aquatic friends, we are always greeted with a sense of fun, joy, enthusiasm and commitment from a dedicated bunch of teachers and an enlightened head teacher. “Investing in training days develops a real sense of community within the teaching staff” says Head Teacher Barbara Simms and it’s easy to see that when we deliver our events. Our team here at Eventus just love working with them because they are all so enthusiastic and love trying new things.

Bidding at The Auction

Bidding at The Auction

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A Successful Outcome!

This year they chose our Auction House event (approximately 3 hours). This is one of our lesser known events, even though it has been around for a while. Teams bid  against each other to win the rights to a number of fun moneymaking schemes!  After a review of the auction catalogue and a strategy session with their team members, participants try to out-bid one another in various rounds of open, sealed and Dutch bidding.  Following the auction and having won their rights to various challenges, teams race to complete their challenges within the time available per round.   The team who earns the most money at the end of the competition is awarded the title ‘Trouble-Shooters of the Year’!  This event is exceptional as both a communication and leadership exercise as well as an invaluable team building experience.

See what other Auction House participants think:

“Friday was brilliant.  I think many people were a little skeptical, as they often are when they don’t know what they’re going to be doing, but I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from everyone so far. Great that we were all together – in other activities we’ve been in teams but then been out and about – this was far more inclusive.  It really worked and without any hesitation I’d recommend you. Sharon Nightingale, Head of Commercial, Sainsbury’s Entertainment On Demand”

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