Auction House

A great indoor or outdoor team building event lasting about 3 hours, for groups of between 30 and 80 participants.

Auction House is a competitive event in which teams pit themselves against one another in an exciting auction. However, this is an auction with a difference. There are no antiques or old masters up for grabs but rather the "rights" to a wide range of madcap moneymaking schemes.

Which team will do best when the hammer falls?Each team (of between 5 and 7 participants) is a group of trouble-shooters brought together to solve the unsolvable, do the undoable and crack the uncrackable - and make a tidy profit into the bargain!

Auction House kicks off with a briefing at which each team receives their auction catalogue and spending money. The catalogue outlines the moneymaking schemes (a wide range of fun team challenges) on offer. Each "lot" offers a cash payoff for successful completion - the payoff reflecting the level of difficulty associated with each project.

Teams have 30 minutes to investigate the various investment projects available to them (and to all the other teams), and to decide upon their strategy for the auction. Sealed Bidding, Dutch Bidding, Open Bidding and Mystery Bidders all add to the tension as teams endeavour to fill their portfolio with the projects they feel offer the greatest likelihood of success. Should they go for a construction project that offers a high return but is complex and risky? Or should they opt for a communication exercise that is low risk (and less well rewarded) because they have a team member who thinks they know how to do it?

Auction strategy into action!To add to the fun, some teams may decide to form a bidding alliance with other teams, while another decides to go it alone.

Investment projects are set up in and around your event venue. They may be indoors or outdoors. They will include a wide range of fun problem solving team exercises; some cerebral in nature, some physical, some involve creative problem solving, or communication skills. Our objective is to offer a wide range so that teams need to carefully consider the resources and skills within the team before deciding upon their bidding strategy.

On completion of the auction stage, teams race to complete their projects within the allocated time slots, and then bank their winnings. Top earners, when the deadline is reached, win the prize and accolade of "Auction House Champions! ".

Auction House can be completed purely for fun, or can conclude with an informal review during which participating groups look back over the event and identify achievements (individual and group) and learning points. This team event is ideal for conferences, awaydays and team building.

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