Teamwork & Bigger Brains!


‘Learning to work in teams may explain why humans evolved a bigger brain’ In April this year, ABC Science published an article about how ‘Teamwork and bigger brainpower fed off each other’ (Researcher – Julia Freeman-Woolpert). No seriously, that’s what it says – TEAM WORK AND BIGGER BRAINPOWER – so here goes… Compared to his hominid predecessors, […]

Teamwork Lessons from F1 Pitstops


There can be few better examples of teamwork than that demonstrated by an F1 Pitstop Team in full flow. Although I have no direct experience, I understand it is possible to arrange a team building activity that attempts to recreate the teamwork and ethos involved. I’m guessing it’s not a budget option! I recently came […]

Magic tricks in the office!

It’s not everyday you get to see a world class magician – so imagine how excited we were to have one come visit us in the office! Phil Jay has been entertaining the general public as well as the rich and famous for over 20 years, and trust me – he is superb! You are […]

A chilly weekend makes for lots of fun First Aiding!

Snow – the perfect weather to practice first aiding skills! Three of the Eventus Team braved the wintry weather over the weekend of the 28th and 29th of January for a fantastic Mountain First Aid Course! The two-day residential course specialises in not only providing first aid training, but also recreating realistic scenarios that may be […]

Get Ready for WACKY RACES!

Wacky Races Image 2 Team Building Eventus

I told you, the event ideas just keep on coming! If our Office Olympics – Going for Gold event or our Lawn Games didn’t excite you enough, then this certainly will! Entering our Event Arena this week…our much anticipated WACKY RACES! Yes, that’s right, all those thoughts you are having right now – Dastardly and […]

Tackle the British Summer with some firm team building favourites!


It may still be Winter but here at Eventus our sights are firmly planted on the ‘imminent’ summer (fingers crossed) or atleast a brighter spring! With the launch of our Office Olympics – Going for Gold event, the team have been spurred on to launch even more new team building events! If you take a […]

Team Building for all weathers!


 Thinking about the weather and how quickly it can change – it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor that makes and breaks plans! Just last year most of the country was completely covered in snow and Eventus still got out and managed to put on some great team building events! I suppose here in the […]

International Marble Run Fun…in the Middle East!


Whilst winter finally got underway for us here in the U.K. (with Jack Frost suddenly making an appearance!), our very own Phil was hard at work in the Bahrain sun, enjoying some fantastic team building days. Setting off on Monday, after managing to squeeze much of the Eventus equipment into one suitcase, Phil arrived in […]

If you want something doing – D.I.Y!


You would like to think that January is a quiet month, everyone recuperating after the busy festive period…BUT NOT FOR US – and that’s the way we like it! The phone has been ringing off the hook and the email in-boxes are full to bursting, from Aberdeen to Dubai and  Macclesfield to Dorset, it seems Eventus may […]

Venturing beyond the Boundaries of the Office!


Having been busy busy busy in the office, it would be amazing if we had time to do anything else! Let alone a climb up Mount Kinabalu, a Mountain Marathon and brushing up on outdoor activities qualifications! But that’s just what Eventus did! Earlier this Autumn, our very own Sharon Naylor and her three sisters […]