Gamification to Engage Employees


Is “Gamification” the way forward within the learning environment? Wikipedia states: Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Wikipedia also suggests some of the main purposes of gamification being to engage, teach, entertain, measure (for recruiting and employee evaluation), and to improve the […]

Fun Christmas Team Building Ideas

Xmas team building activities

We‘re on the road to Christmas and booking up fast all those valuable Thursdays and Fridays before Christmas – there just aren’t enough of them. Will you take time out from work this Christmas to give your team a well deserved treat? Perhaps the traditional Christmas fayre is your usual celebration? If you fancy doing something […]

Christmas Team Building Activities

    Get Festive With Fun Christmas Team Building Activities this year! Ditch the alcohol and dinner and make Christmas more memorable. Choose from a whole host of fabulous Christmas team building events this year including Outrageous Santa Racing, Wine-tasting quizzes, Murder Mysteries ( including our brilliant Cluedo game), Treasure Hunts around the UK and […]

DIY Team Activity Kits

diy jpeg

Run Your Own Team Building Days – Special Offer Here at Eventus we’re best known for our brilliant team building activities – after all we have been providing these for almost 25 years now! What you may not know is that we also sell a range of team building activities that you can run yourself. […]

The Perfect City for a Treasure Hunt?


We’re just back from running another treasure hunt in Cardiff – and it was a great success! On our way back we started reminiscing about other treasure hunts we’ve run and went on to discuss our favourite locations for a team building treasure hunt. It became quite animated so I thought I’d share our conclusions. […]

“The Network” – my favourite team building event of all time!

Network Team Building Eventus

“The Network” – could this be my favourite team building event of all time? One things for sure…it’s unique to Eventus. We developed it over 15 years ago and it’s proved one of our best-sellers over many years. It’s fun and there’s lots of learning to be had but it is a particularly powerful communications […]

Apprenticeship Assessment Days

babcock-apprentices (21b)

  We’ve recently returned from running two Apprenticeship Assessment Days on behalf of Babcock International. It’s a busy couple of days but one we really look forward to. The commitment to giving all attendees the opportunity to shine is 100% and it is our privilege to be working with Babcock International for the third year running. […]

Fun At Work

Treasure Hunt Team Building Eventus Image 1

Create a fun environment at work and it will pay dividends! I came across a really interesting article in Sunday’s Business section of the Sunday Times p.10 entitled “Pay You? We’ll even massage your back”. It’s all about creating a fun and trusting environment at work. It talks about when businesses are fledgling enterprises they […]