The Ultimate Autumn Conference Event


Ditch Your Dull as Dishwater Conference Forever! Have you ever wondered why your last conference had a: Poor take-up of conference seats Non- attendance of delegates Dis-engagement Boredom stifling energy Sleepy delegates Poor feedback? You probably know the answers already – lack of engagement, focus, fun, participation, boring speakers, boring presentations. You need to break […]

Cool Summer Team Building


Fed-up with sitting behind your office desk? Well it certainly took some time, but could we finally see the start of summer?  Take advantage of warmer weather and late summer evenings and get outdoors with your team. June and July are peak season for team building so you need to be quick! Click on the image […]

Eventus Fundraiser for Nepal Earthquake Victims

Staff Reunion

Eventus held a great family fun fundraiser yesterday in aid of the Nepalese earthquake victims and sent funds off to Child Education Nepal UK‘s crisis appeal to provide shelter, water and food for earthquake victims who have been left homeless. 100% of fundraising goes direct to the people of the Ashrang area only 20 miles from the […]

No Games Allowed!


The blog post below was written in 2009 by Event Co-ordinator, Michael Hackfort. It’s a well-written piece that neatly captures the spirit of the time. The economic downturn was upon us and had swept away the more frivolous team building which proliferated in the years leading up to the crash. Michael’s post reflected our background […]

Launch of Urban Gaming


Eventus announces Cardiff launch of Urban Gaming We’re delighted to launch our FREE Taster Event for Urban Gaming in Cardiff on 25 March 2015. We’ll be looking at the Urban Gaming phenomena and what is meant by “gamification”. It’s also your chance to try out one of our Urban Pursuit games. More details… This event […]