Team Building Problem Solving Activities


We absolutely love this photo taken on one of our recent events for Atkins’ graduates. It shows them deep in conversation and concentration and about to tackle a short problem-solving exercise on The Labyrinth event. The Labyrinth can be likened to the TV programme The Crystal Maze – where teams compete over a series of […]

How to Improve Collaboration & Communication Across Teams


Last week we had the pleasure of running one of our most popular events The Great International Marble Run Challenge for our client – m~hance at their annual company conference. Lasting a couple of hours this is the perfect event to illustrate how teams can work collaboratively across teams and boundaries. Working equally as well […]

Look Who’s Loving our Team Building Events!

Untitled design (1)

Teachers at Kaizen School Are Loving our Team Building Events! As we make our way to Kaizen School, East London every January,  in heavy traffic and weather more suited to our aquatic friends, we are always greeted with a sense of fun, joy, enthusiasm and commitment from a dedicated bunch of teachers and an enlightened head teacher. “Investing in training […]

Construction Team Building Activity – Ballista!

Ballista Leicester 020

We have a superb construction team building activity called “Ballista” where participants learn the art of medieval warfare and construct a replica “Ballista” – a catapult used in ancient warfare for hurling large stones! I was asked to put together some video and photos of recent events for a client and thought I’d share the results here. […]

Olympics Team Building and Conference Ideas

Wow huge congratulations to Dame Sarah Storey on becoming Great Britain’s most successful female Paralympian by winning her 12th gold medal on the opening day in Rio Also to congratulate TeamGB for their incredible performance at the Rio Olympics. It was a simply breath-taking and unforgettable couple of weeks. We feel proud to have helped […]

Snowdon Challenge

Snowdon Challenge Event

    If you have a dream or desire for your team event; it is always worth checking with us here at Eventus! Last weekend, 13 members from ALM Translations Ltd. took part in a specially tailored team challenge to the top of  Snowdon.  Even though it was late April, the conditions were wintery – cold, […]

Team Collaboration Exercise


Yesterday’s Collaboration exercise – international sales team on The Great International Marble Run Challenge in London. This exercise is brilliant for collaboration between teams as well as competitive overall. The countries, flags and consortiums makes it perfect for international teams too! What can we do for you? Call us 01558 668925

Collaboration Team Building

Collaboration Quote

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” Charles Darwin Eventus run many types of collaboration team building events – click through to our working collaboratively page to find out more

Team Work

Team Work

A little quote about TEAM WORK to think about – “TEAMWORK simply stated is less me and more we!” Make your TEAM WORK! Contact Eventus for experiential training days, away days, conference events and team building. 01558 668925 or email