Circus Skills Event

An indoor team building event lasting from 1 to 2 hours, for groups of between 6 and 200 participants.

This team-based Circus Skills activity helps participants to discover and learn new skills in a fun and active way.

Amazing new Circus Skills acquired The seemingly impossible challenges of learning how to juggle; spin a plate;  use a flower stick; and throw and catch a diabolo  are quickly mastered. Even during our condensed one-hour "energiser" event everyone will experience success and the buzz of gaing a new skill.

During this event, the fear of failure or of looking silly are put to one side, as participants are encouraged to support one another and to both seek and offer help to colleagues.

By acknowledging success a "virtuous circle" is created that encourages everyone to "keep on at it" even when initial difficulties are encountered. When working in this way participants are always amazed at just what they are able to achieve!

Learn a variety of new circus skills including diaboloTypically, the event runs by subdividing participants into teams. Each team is introduced to a new Circus Skill before moving on to look at the next discipline. During this time, each participant is encouraged to have fun, to experiment, to ask for help and to offer help.

Later on each team will be asked to demonstrate their newly-acquired circus skills in a team presentation to be viewed, of course, by all other groups! All the skills need to be covered. So who will juggle? Who will spin a plate? Decision-time!

Cue the cheering and clapping as your participants display fantastic new skills. Some participants are so enthused they won't want to stop!

Accomplished circus performersOur Circus Skills activity is a memorable event - everyone enjoys learning a new skill and gaining a party-piece to boot! Participants also recognise and value just how much can be achieved as a result of creating a constructive and supportive working environment.

This event is great as a half-day activity where close-working bonds can be established by working on developing new skills together. It's also valuable as practical exercise within a coaching skills training event. However, our Circus Skills activity in a condensed format is also ideal as a conference energiser to get people laughing together and stretching minds and bodies.

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