Creative Challenge

An outdoor high-tech team building activity lasting between one and three hours for 5 to 200 participants.

The Creative Challenge is a fun-filled and challenging team game that let's your participants get to know each other better, think creatively and work as a team.

Challenges can use whatever's around!Teams of 4-5 members compete against each other in solving intriguing missions in a game area of your choosing. This could be a bustling city centre, a picturesque village or the gardens and grounds of a hotel or conference centre.

Each team is armed with a state-of-the-art smart phone and each mission is communicated through this handset. Take pictures, find objects, use your creativity and beat the other teams by prioritising between missions.

The technology we use is not only great fun but also offers significant advantages. Primarily, there is the "live" dimension - missions run in "real-time" and some feature challenging time limits for completion. Your players get instant feedback each time they respond to a question or mission, and all responses on the phones are stored instantly at our control centre allowing us to oversee gameplay, send all or single teams messages, drop hints and offer bonuses. Real interaction!

Creative Challenge creates some unforgettable memories!As the scores are automatically updated as the event progresses, there is no need for lots of manual marking at the conclusion of the activity meaning teams can quickly find out who's won and claimed the fun prize!

Finally, all of our Creative Challenge games are fully customisable allowing us to tailor your experience. Do you have a theme that runs through your event? Is there something in particular you want to relay to your participants? Would you like to take the opportunity to gather information from your participants in a fun and creative way? If the answer to any of these questionsis "yes" then Creative Challenge is the team event for you!


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