A half-day indoor/outdoor project management activity, for groups of between 7 and 24 participants.

Eliminator is a challenging team event that generates a real buzz of positive energy and sense of collective achievement.

Takling the Badland projectYour group is a Project Team working for a fictitious company - Elite Project Services or EPS. EPS is pitching for a vital new contract and the Project Team must demonstrate their project management skills to win this contract. Participants, in the role of Project Leaders, each receive a sealed envelope containing the brief of a special new project available to the team. This project brief outlines a challenging team task that, through successful completion, offers an opportunity to win gold nuggets. But do the risks outweigh the rewards?

Team members each conduct a short feasibility study of their project before presenting the project to the assembled Project Team. Will he/she be able to influence the team and gain support for Weighing up a potential new projecttheir project? How will individual goals be balanced against team and organisational goals? What criteria will the team adopt to analyse the potential of each project?

There is insufficient time and resources for all projects (or Team Challenges) to be attempted. Decisions need to be made about which to select and which to ELIMINATE! There are many options available...for example, the team may decide to send 5 team members on the Badlands Challenge while the remainder tackle the Card Sharp Challenge. On returning to HQ, the whole team may reform to take on the Marble Run Challenge.

Will the team adapt their plan in the light of Pulling together as a Project Teamthe success (or non-success) of earlier projects?
Eliminator is a versatile project management activity and we have a wide range of projects (Team Challenges) to choose from. Team Challenges need to offer the right level of challenge (both cerebral and physical), and to ensure there is something for everyone. A wide range of issues related to project management are included. If the weather looks like being poor we can, if you wish, switch to indoor challenges - this event is therefore a great success in fair weather or foul!

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