Build a medieval ballista then battle it out to defeat all-comers! 1 to 3 hours for 6 to 160 people.

Ballista – an ancient military device for hurling rocks at ones enemy! In medieval and Roman times, the BALLISTA was at the cutting edge of modern warfare. A well-built ballista is both extremely accurate and awesomely destructive!

Your objective, in this activity, is to construct a ballista and then battle it out with your opponents defeating all that stand before you! Although scaled down in size, the techniques and materials used replicate those used in medieval times. No technical know-how is needed however your team will enjoy tweaking the set-up to get the best from their ballista.

To earn gold nuggets needed to purchase ballista equipment, each team is provided with a menu of challenges or tasks. These can be active or cerebral, long or short, simple or complex. For each challenge completed a team may select one item from the Ye Olde Medieval Stores. Teams can choose equipment (such as a spar or some rope) or consultancy (design tips or knot tying instructions).

Typically, our Ballista!  team building activity runs in three stages:

  1. Planning & Purchasing – During this stage plans are drawn up, challenges tackled and equipment stockpiled.
  2. Constructing & Testing your Ballista – Teams construct a ballista and build their defences. There is time to test and modify the ballista before the final stage.
  3. The Endgame! Teams take it in turn to fire upon their opponents’ fortified position. If your defences are breached the battle is lost

Ballista! will appeal to a practically-minded audience who enjoy the challenge and teamwork involved in building and improving their prototype. It runs indoors or outdoors so is suitable as a team building event all year round for large or small groups. For conferences, this activity runs in a condensed format in as little as 60 minutes.

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Negotiating for parts at the Trading Post

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Teamwork to get the Ballista built

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Fine tuning accuracy and range

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Victors at the Battle of the Ballistas!


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