Bushcraft Challenge

Can you take on the call of the wild? Take on our survival, Bushcraft Challenge, with optional overnight bivouac. An away day for 5 to 25 people

Your aircraft has crash-landed in a remote range of mountains! You and your companions have survived the emergency landing and now face the prospect of surviving in the wilderness until help arrives or until you can make good your escape! This team building event takes place in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, or at an alternative location of your choosing.

Teams initially decide on priorities and then set out to recover essential survival equipment that has been air-dropped into the area by a rescue team. Of course, what one team regards as essential is a needless luxury to a different team!

Having gathered basic survival equipment teams move on to a bivouac site to make emergency shelters and light fires. Our bushcraft expert (who frequently presents on TV) is on hand to pass on guidance and skills however, as this is a team building event, it is very much down to each team to decide how to use the knowledge and abilities within the team to ensure a comfortable night under the stars. During the afternoon you’ll need to:

  • Build an emergency bivouac shelter
  • Light a fire without access to matches or lighters
  • Signal to rescuers
  • Set traps for game
  • Prepare a hot nourishing bush meal

Perhaps you’ll also have time to whittle up some useful camp tools in to the bargain!

These activities help build an understanding of, and respect for, the natural world. They also foster an incredible team spirit as you work together overcoming real challenges.

Finally, having survived your time in the wilderness, escape back to the real world is a possibility – and you have identified a possible route. We end our Buschcraft Challenge in a number of different ways depending on the location being used. Build a rope bridge across a ravine. Construct a raft and paddle across the lake. Or use the spars and stepping stones to cross the swamp!

This is a unique and genuinely memorable team building event. You’ll come away from your Bushcraft Challenge event feeling tired but re-invigorated and with an experience that your team will “buzz” about for weeks to come! Eventus provides Bushcraft Challenge from April to September. Prices include all meals and refreshments.

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Establishing the team camp site

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Building bivouac shelters

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Learning how to use a Bow Drill to create fire!

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Success - we have fire! A great feeling!

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