Going for Gold!

Go for Gold and sweep the medals table. Compete for team gold on your very own Office Olympics - a half-day team building event for 20 to 100 Olympians

Create your very own Office Olympics with our fantastic team building activity Going For Gold!. With the flags proudly flying and medals up for grabs, you can capture all the thrills and excitement of the games in your own conference venue or hotel!

Although primarily a fun activity, this event builds on our reputation for intelligent team building as your teams discuss, plan and implement a winning team strategy for the games, with TEAM GOLD the target! The competition unfolds over number of rounds, with a number of events taking place simultaneously. Teams will have to organise and coordinate to get the right competitor to the right place at the right time.

A really great option with Going For Gold is to allow time at the start for teams to create a colourful array of banners, costumes, or even to choose a song, or team chant. This can make for an entertaining and colourful Parade of Team Athletes at the Opening Ceremony.

Your Office Olympics can incorporate a wide-range of team competitions with the emphasis on either the cerebral or the active (or a mix of both). The key things is to have a real range of events so that everyone can excel. Some of our favourite events include: Foam Javelin, Space Hopper Relay, Ring the Bull, Archery, Plate Spinning Marathon, Marble Relay, Giant Shove Ha’penny, Foam Shot-put, and many many more…the list goes on and on!

Team representatives attend a short coaching master classes in their chosen events before putting themselves into medal contention. With a busy programme of events, Team Captains will need to be at the top of their game to ensure everyone in the team understands their role.

Once all games have been completed, the elation of competing will turn to an anxious buzz as medals for each activity are awarded and the medal table updated. Finally, once all the results are in, the table-topping winning team will be declared and their anthem played.

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Competitors gather for the opening ceremony

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The Parade of Teams - here's the team from the Pacific Islands

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The final of the space-hopper relay

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Competitors in the Javelin limber up

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The crowd gathers for final event

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Gold medals to our champions!

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