International Marble Run

Work across team boundaries with this collaborative pipeline activity, 1 to 2 hour activity for 12 to 1000 people

International Marble Run is a great event that works equally well indoors or outdoors. It is fun and fast-moving team building activity involving cross-team collaboration, and competition.

Each team is allocated an international territory and these are organised into consortia; teams work collaboratively with some neighbouring territories whilst competing with others!

The challenge is to transport marbles by pipeline from the a start “city” to a finish “city” passing across many international boundaries en-route. Each team may only operate inside their national boundaries which are clearly marked out by bright hazard-warning tape.

Teams have access to a set of construction materials and will initially discover that the equipment is abundant in some aspects but rather lacking in others. But will they spot opportunities to collaborate with others?

Teams receive incoming marbles from a neighbouring team and then pass them on to another neighbouring team within their pipeline consortium. To ensure the pipeline works as a complete entity, a collaborative approach is essential. Teams will need to pool and exchange resources, expertise and ideas.

Individual teams can improve their pipeline by building in special features (drops, bends etc.), by decorating and adorning it with national emblems and symbols, and by making sure their magnificent construction will withstand the industry standard earthquake test!

At the end of the specified construction time, marbles (and we mean a BIG bag of marbles!) are fed into the pipeline while a commissioning customer looks on with interest. An end-of-activity Award Ceremony recognises a variety of achievements such as ambition, artistry, engineering innovation and of course whether the pipeline works or not!

The pipelines built during the International Marble Run are a great metaphor for product or service delivery. Where are the blockages? How well do we interconnect? How customer-centric are we? The dynamic of the activity also recreates the collaborative AND competitive nature of the workplace. And both highlight a central truth of teamwork – success is achieved when all teams and team members are aligned to the same goals.

International Marble Run really taps into teamwork. Ideal as a conference event, or energiser, it adds a team building element to any meeting, seminar or away day. And is also perfect to give an international flavour to your team building event!

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Perfect for large groups indoors or outdoors

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Fine tweaking the pipeline

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Brings an international flavour to proceedings

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Winning team = Pipeline Champions!

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