Our best-selling Crystal Maze activity lasting 2 to 3 hours for 15 to 200 people

Loosely based upon the popular 90’s TV game-show The Crystal Maze, “Labyrinth” is one of our most popular team building events. It’s suitable for almost any venue and runs equally well indoors or outdoors. The format of the activity quickly gets people working together, achieving results and having fun.

In true Crystal Maze style, the activity area is divided up into a series of challenge zones, and within each zone lies an intriguing team challenge. Over a number of rounds, participants (arranged into teams) select from a menu of available team challenges. Ranging from cerebral problem-solving activities to more active tasks, each requires a different skillset or method of working to gain a successful outcome. This gives teams the ability to play to their strengths and influence their destiny!

Once a challenge is chosen, teams go to the corresponding zone to tackle the challenge contained within. Success will be rewarded with points – but just how many will depend on a teams performance relative to other teams taking part.

At the end of all play, points that each team has accumulated are banked. The team with most points are winners and declared Labyrinth Champions!

One of the strengths of Labyrinth is its versatility as a team building activity. It can run partly or entirely indoors – useful if the weather is an issue. If you have a meeting room and access to the outdoors, we can even take the decision on the day itself – indoors or outdoors? Either way you get a great event!

Labyrinth can be completed purely for fun, or we can include additional time for teams to review and discuss how they are operating. We ensure that reviews keep a constructive focus helping groups to identify ways in which they can move forward.

In summary, Labyrinth is a versatile and fun team building event that has, like the TV gameshow The Crystal Maze, wide appeal!

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Labyrinth...our Crystal Maze team building event

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Building the BEST team ever!

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Concentration and teamwork on the Labyrinth activity

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A win for this team!


Customer Review: “The touch adopted by the Eventus team was spot-on; not too prescriptive or heavy-handed. The Labyrinth event allowed us to get into the activities quickly and start gaining good experience of working in different team mixes.”

Mark S – Syngenta Crop Research reviewing their recent Labyrinth activity

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