A fast and furious race to be first to print a cool million! 1 to 3 hours for 12 to 200 people

Make-a-£Million! is a fast and furious competitive team building event in which teams race to be the first to produce £1,000,000 in banknotes.

Working in teams of 6 to 10 people, Make-a-Million kicks-off with a busy strategy session as teams decide upon a plan of action. Each team receives a kit containing essential equipment for the production of banknotes. It will soon become apparent that a production line for banknotes will need to be established.

A winning team will need an expert at recreating signatures, a serial number stamper, a paper cutter etc. Teams will also discover that they are short of many essential materials. They have a basic printing set but no special banknote paper on which to print their notes. Additional resources can be purchased from the TRADING STATION. However (wary of forged banknotes) the trader will only accept gold!

Teams will therefore need to earn gold. To do this they send team members on gold earning missions – but here’s the rub – to print banknotes you need gold but if you are earning gold you can’t also be printing banknotes. It’s a balancing act, as teams try to earn sufficient gold to finance their whole operation.

Teams receive bulletins keeping them informed of gold earning missions. However they’ll need to be quick to book missions before other teams beat them to it. Earn gold nuggets by neutralising a “toxic hazard”, crossing an “electric maze”, or by piecing together the tangrams.

Fundraising missions are challenging team problem-solvers set up in and around your venue. We can make them physical and active, or cerebral and intriguing, or a mix of both; the choice is yours.

Only high quality banknotes will be accepted at The Bank. Regular updates keep everyone abreast of progress as teams race towards the winning million. All-in-all, Make-a-£Million! is a really fun team event – ideal for team building, a conference event or an away day.

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Win the race to print a cool million in fake banknotes

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Make-A-£Million includes a wide-range of money-earning challenges

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Announcing the results...a perfect team activity for larger groups

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Looks like they made a million!

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