The Network

Deep in the forest...can your team solve "The Network"? Half or full day activity for 9 to 50 people

The Network is a challenging and active team building event that takes your group deep into the forest! The Network is ideal for a team that wants an enjoyable team building day but would also like the opportunity to think about how effectively it communicates and shares information.

Working in sub-teams, the objective of The Network is to exchange and combine information with other sub-teams in order to locate and open a hidden treasure chest. After an initial briefing and planning session, your team sets off into forest on a path leading into the great unknown! Our quick refresher map-reading basics at the start will ensure that no one gets lost for too long!

The route to the treasure chest is revealed by a complex flow diagram known as “The Network”. As well as the treasure chest itself, your teams will need to locate and recover keys and combination code to open the chest, again using The Network as their guide.

Each sub-team is in contact with all others using radio handsets. After initial progress, groups usually begin to encounter difficulties and it should become apparent that no one group has sufficient information to make real progress; only by sharing information and collaborating effectively can the final goal be reached.

To win the key, a number of team challenges at a forest rendezvous point must be overcome. As well as being great fun, these team challenges require teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Although The Network is an active event, the challenge is primarily directed at the team and team members’ ability to work effectively together. The physical challenge of the activity can be adapted to suit just about all levels. We can (with some prior notice) build-in roles for participants wanting to be involved but in a role requiring little or no physical activity.

After locating the treasure and claiming the prize, we can if you wish return to your event venue (or a suitable pub!) where our event staff can facilitate an informal review to assist participants in fully understanding the experience they have been through and identifying key learning points. We focus on positive aspects of how the team operates and can move forward.

All equipment is provided including good quality walking boots and waterproof clothing. We can provide The Network at many different locations throughout the UK. Please contact us to find out more.

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Setting off into the forest with high spirits

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Planning the optimum path

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The Network activity takes place in a forest setting

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A collaborative team activity ending up at a treasure box!

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