Pub Games

Try and master our authentic and tricky pub-games! 1 to 2 hours for 9 to 200 people

This team event is pure fun from start to finish! We bring along a great selection of traditional pub games and then let the fun unfold.

All the well-known pub game favourites are here – Skittle Alley, Shove Ha’penny, Quoits, Darts – plus quite a few great pub games that you might not have come across before, including Shuffleboard, Ringing the Bull, and Aunt Sally. We have scaled-up some games in size to make them great for team play. However, all are based on traditional pub games…many of which have been played for centuries. All offer truly addictive fun!

Your compere for the Pub Games Event will introduce the games, quickly outline play involved, and then get teams started. On the sound of the hooter, all teams begin their first game. It’s race on to score as many points, strikes, or ends as possible before the hooter sounds again to mark the end the round. Teams need to organise themselves if they are to maximise their score on each game. And perhaps not surprisingly, the pace is full-on…a great way to unwind!

Referees (our event staff) ensure rules are scrupulously observed(!) and will join in the fun. After each round, teams move on to their next game, and although this is a fast-moving event, there is always an opportunity to visit the bar to get the next ones in!

The evening concludes with a prize-giving both to the winning team and to the outstanding (or abysmal!) performances on the various games. Our Pub Games Event is ideal to follow an evening meal, as a social event for a conference or as the lead-in to an evening meal. It also great as a fun and light-hearted round-off to a business meeting or team building event. Start and finish times can be adapted to suit you, however 1½ hours (or thereabouts) is typical. A perfect way to keep the team together toward the end of the working day.

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An activity with universal appeal!

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Flexible to most conference venues

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Competitive team-based fun

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A perfect afternoon or evening energiser

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