Urban Pursuit

Turn your event, your venue or your city in a giant game board with tablet team building by Eventus

Urban Pursuit is one of our top-selling activities – and it’s easy to see why. Excite and engage your participants by turning a city or area around your conference venue into a giant game board! Part of our new Urban Gaming suite of tablet-computer activities, Urban Pursuit uses the latest tablet technology.

Each team receives a tablet-computer which displays a map of your game area. The game area could be a city or town centre, or even a country park or coastal/riverside area. The map features a set of brightly coloured icons – blue icons represent a cultural challenge; yellow icons are fun challenges; green icons are observational challenges; while red icons represent trivia and riddles. Teams each have a unique start location…only upon reaching this can the main map be unlocked. This also ensures teams are widely dispersed across the game area…no possibility of following others in Urban Pursuit!

Teams earn points for successfully completing challenges. The GPS-enabled tablet will update as a team moves around the game area. To open a set of challenges a team will need to really home-in on the icons. Only when 20 metres or closer can the icon be unlocked. Then the teamwork really begins!

In choosing their, route teams must ensure that at least one challenge from each category is completed. Once an icon is unlocked, the tablet reveals a set of challenges. The multi-media capacity of the tablet is fully utilised to display images, high-definition video clips and audio. The teams responds by taking photos, answering questions and shooting video. Some challenges have strict time deadlines. A real beauty of this activity is that a team receives immediate feedback on how they are doing, while a scoreboard reveals their position on the leaderboard.

Challenges built into the game are fully customisable. Do you have a theme for your conference or meeting? We’ll reflect your theme in the game design. We’ll test knowledge and understanding. We can build a game to focus on your objectives or organisational values – and always with a light and creative touch.

At a pre-determined time the game closes and team’s are instructed and shown the final destination. This could be back at base or any point of your choosing. How about finishing at a bar, restaurant or cafe?

While participants can relax, our staff will rapidly set up a showcase of the video and photos your teams have taken during the course of the activity. This is a great way to bring everyone back together and guarantees loads of laughter and discussion. Contact us to find out more…and get Urban Gaming!

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Demonstrating creativity and teamwork on Urban Pursuit

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Touch-screen tablet computer provided to each team

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GPS guides your team toward team challenges

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Iconic locations and great teamwork!

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Locations across the UK and Europe


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