Wine Tasting Event

A light-hearted quiz and introduction to the art of wine-tasting! 1 to 2 hours for 6 to 150 participants.

Our Wine Tasting event is a fun team building activity that provides a great lead-in to a celebratory evening meal, or an ideal ending to a team meeting, away day or conference.

Forget the stuffy boring wine-tasting you might have attended in the past. Our wine tasting activity kicks-off with a very brief, light-hearted intro to the art of wine tasting. We quickly move onto what your guests are looking forward to…sampling some excallent wines from around the world in a fun “Pub Quiz” style format.

No mean pre-served measures either! Your guests take as much (within reason!) or as little as they chose and are welcome to “re-try” those that they particularly enjoy! Each team has a limited time to taste and decide upon their answers for each wine. There are typically four rounds – whites, quickfire wine quiz questions, reds, and “Spot the Plonk”. We select good quality wines representing major grape varieties and wine-producing regions from around the world. All wines tasted are readily available from good wine merchants so if you have a particular favourite you’ll easily be able get hold a case or two! We maintain the pace and keep up the fun – the laughter and noise as the tasting progresses reflects this!

At the end of the wine tasting, we quickly tot up scores with winning team members selecting a favourite wine from those tasted.

The wine tasting event is ideal as a stand alone activity or following on from one of our other team building events – either way its a fantastic activity for a team to relax and unwind after a busy day.

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Get those taste buds active!

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The perfect pre-dinner activity

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Sociable and fun!

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