Frequently Asked Questions

Do we come to you...or do you come to us?

We bring our events to a location that best suits you. If you want help choosing a location we're happy to give it. We run events all over the UK and Europe.

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How much will my event cost?

We have a comprehensive price list which we are very happy to email to you - just contact us and we'll whiz it to you.

We provide prompt no obligation quotes - the great majority within 24 hours. To do this we'll need some basic information from you:

  • The type of event or events you're interested in
  • The number of participants you expect
  • The location or area at which you want the event to be delivered

Of course we are always happy to discuss all aspects of planning and choosing an event. Or just to chat through ideas that you may have.

Our quotes are all-inclusive without any nasty shocks or hidden extras.

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Are there any extra or hidden costs?

We promise to let you know all the costs up front before you commit to anything. Depending on your event, we may ask your permission to add a B&B charge if our event staff have to travel the day before. With some events we may offer optional extras...if this is the case we will explain these clearly and tell you the cost. However the choice is yours about whether you want to include these extras or not.

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Does the event fee include a prize for the winning team?

Yes, if you have booked a competitive event your event fee includes a prize for the winning team. We normally supply a bottle of Champagne and/or chocolates as a prize or a suitable alternative. However, we are happy to source different prizes or you may choose to add your own prizes.

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Does the cost of the event include the venue?

No. Our prices are for the event only. Some of our events will require use or access to a suitable venue. Others require no venue. If you want a price that includes the venue then let us know and we'll be very happy to oblige. We are not tied to any particular venue but our site includes a selection of venues we like.

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Do I need a venue?

Many of our events require a venue of some sort. For example, for an indoor event we will need somewhere to meet and then a room in which the activities can take place. For an outdoor event, we will need access to grounds or gardens and perhaps a room to meet your participants and to introduce the event.

For some of our events, it may be sufficient to arrange to meet at a convenient parking place or rendezvous point. For example, our Network and Forest Challenge events take place in a convenient forest. We can usually arrange to rendezvous at a visitors centre, cafe or picnic area. However, for these events we may be obliged to pay the landowner an access fee for using their land for the event.

The venues we work in include manor houses, conference centres, pubs, village halls, narrowboats, castles and many more. The cost varies accordingly!

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Can you help us find the right venue?

We will do our very best! We have no ties to any particular venue or chain so we can use our experience to recommend venues that suit you, your event and your budget. A small selection of venues can be viewed on our Venues page. Please call us to discuss your requirements and we'll be on the case!

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How much will the venue charge?

It's difficult to generalise. Some venues charge nothing...there's many a pub that is only too happy to provide a place to meet so long as after the event you take a few drinks. Hotels and conference centres usually charge a day-delegate rate that includes refreshments and lunch but may be able to provide the facilities and standards that you want. Day-delegate rates typically vary from £15 to £80 + VAT per head. Residential or 24-hour delegate rates typically range from £30 to £300 + VAT per head. For shorter events room-hire (if needed) may be a better option than in inclusive delegate rate.

Have a think about what you want from your venue, think about the budget available and then give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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Who deals with the or Eventus?

Whom would you prefer?! If it's easier for you, we'll make the arrangements. We do not make a charge to you for this service. To cover the costs involved we may however ask the venue for a commission. This is an industry-standard procedure. Most venues are happy to pay a commission (typically 8%) to the introducing agent. Please bear in mind that the contract for booking the venue will be between you and the venue.

Even if we are not involved in recommending or booking the venue we will always make a courtesy call to the venue as part of our normal procedures to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

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Can you help me to pick an event? have two choices:

  • If you want to discuss your event with us or if you want to pick our brains then please telephone us on 01558 668925 or
  • You can use our event selector on the left-hand navigation bar or view all our events on our Events page
  • If you want your event to have some specific learning points then our Matrix will help you match this with the right event.

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Why should I choose Eventus for my event?

We have been providing great team events for 21 years. Most of our work is repeat business...customers who keep coming back. If you want to see what they have to say, take a look at our Clients page. It is certainly easy to find a cheap provider in our industry but do you really want to trust them with your event?

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How physically demanding will my event be?

Let us know what you want. Most of our events are active and participative without being physically demanding. However, each event is unique. If you want something to stretch your people then we can oblige...if you have a group of very mixed physical abilities then we will ensure that there is a valid and valuable role for all participants. Our website makes it easy to select an indoor team event , an outdoor team event, or even an active and challenging team event

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Are your events accessible to disabled participants?

We welcome participants with disabilities. The great majority of our events are fully available to disabled participants.  Where there may be an issue related to disability, we will ensure that you are aware of the issue.  We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that disabled participants receive the same service as all other participants. We ask for your help in this by letting us know as early as possible about any significant disabilities or existing medical conditions that might impact upon participation. 

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Are the events on the website the only ones you do?

Our website includes a range of events to whet your appetite...but we do loads more than we can show. Our More Team Events page is a good source of some fresh ideas we also use our blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep you posted. One of our most popular events is the good old Away day. Our Away days are put together to meet your exact specification. We also work with ideas that our customers give to us. To be totally honest, this is how some of our best events originated! So if you have any ideas that need turning into reality...give us a call.

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How do I book?

Simple! First contact us by calling us on 01558 668925 or email us or use our Enquiry Form to ask us questions. While we would love never to turn anyone away there are times of the year when we are very busy!
We will then send you a booking form which summarises all the details we have agreed and outlines our standard terms and conditions.
To confirm your booking, we need to receive a signed booking form and a deposit of 25% of the event fee. If raising a deposit payment is a problem then please contact us to discuss alternative payment terms.
On receipt of your booking form and deposit we will confirm your booking.
About one week before your event we will contact you to run through all the necessary final arrangements and to give you a mobile phone number for your Event Co-ordinator.

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How do I pay for our event?

We accept payment by cheque, by BACS, or by credit or debit card. We can take your payment details over the phone, by fax or post. We cannot at present take bookings directly over the internet - maybe one for the future?

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What if participant numbers increase or decrease?

Our event charges are based on the anticipated number of participants. When the booking is made we ask you to state the number of participants on your booking form. Should numbers fall beneath those booked, we ask you to notify us of these changes at least 14 days before your event. If you do not do this, we will invoice for the number of participants stated on your booking form.
Should numbers increase above those booked, we ask you to help us to help you by letting us know as soon a you can. The booking form will include an agreed rate per head for each participant above and beyond those already booked.
Our full terms and conditions are available on request and will be provided when we send out our booking form.

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What happens if I need to cancel my event?

We really hope this won't be necessary...however if you do need to cancel please contact us at the earliest possible time. Usually, your deposit is forfeit if you cancel and then, as your event draws nearer, we operate a system of sliding charges for cancellations. Remember that your booking is for a specific event on a specific date. Postponements may be possible and we will always do our best to help. Our full terms and conditions are available on request and will be sent out with each booking form.

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What happens after our event?

Shortly after your event we will contact you to ask for feedback. Your feedback is vital if we are to continue improving our events. We will also keep you updated (if you want!) with our occasional e-newsletter which includes loads of new ideas for team building.
As a free extra service we bring a digital camera to all our events and (with your permission) ensure that plenty of photos are taken as the action unfolds. A day ot two after your event your photos will be available to download from a private online album. We can also email or post you a CD with a full set of charge. A great memento of your team building event!

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Where is Eventus based?

We are based in South Wales and France and run events throughout the UK, Europe and the world. Here are our full contact details. We're a bit off the beaten track...however we are always pleased to see customers or potential customers. Please give us a call and we'll ensure a warm welcome.

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I hope we have managed to answer your questions but if not please give us a call on 01558 668925 or use our email form at contact us

Thank you!

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