Free Team Building Resources

Welcome to our collection of FREE team building resources. Here you’ll find our guide to help you organise a team building event, how to select a team building provider and even some great team games and activities to try out. Our aim is to provide top-notch advice and information written by our Events Team to everyone out there who is involved with organising team building events. No selling…just down-to-earth good advice and resources. And all totally FREE!

TOP 10 TIPS – Choosing a team building provider – FREE (51 KB)

How can you sort the wheat from the chaff? Ensure your team building provider has the experience, resources and expertise to deliver. You don’t want to end up with a lemon!

FREE Team Energiser Game – FREE (223 KB)

A tasty icebreaker or energiser game for 8 to 80 people

Team Communication Game – FREE (93 KB)

Here’s a neat 15-minute communication exercise for you to try out!

No-nonsense guide to avoiding a venue disaster – FREE (530 KB)

Finding the right venue can be a real pain. Let our guide help you.

Sidestep the stress of organising a team building event – FREE (279 KB)

Our checklist will help you to avoid the banana-skins!

Motivate your team! – FREE (26 KB)

Ideas from our Sales & Marketing Director for motivating your team

What is a team? – FREE (40 KB)

Eventus Lead Facilitator – Phil England – gets to grip with this thorny question

Identifying and Improving Listening Skills – FREE (440 KB)

Help team members to identify poor listening habits and become effective listeners

Building Team Perfomance – FREE (454 KB)

How can teams move along the team performance curve to become a high performing team?

Action Centred Leadership & Team Building – FREE (228 KB)

Some thoughts about…the Action Centred Leadership model of John Adair and how it applies to team building.


We hope you find these free team building resources useful. We’ll be adding more…so watch this space!

The Eventus Team!