New Labyrinth Voyager Event

Here at Eventus HQ we’ve been hard at work over the last few days getting ready for a team building event next week. Our goal was to take one of our all-time favourite team events – Labyrinth – and then give it a bit of a twist. Here’s the gameboard produced for the new version which we have christened “Labyrinth Voyager”.

The new gameboard for Labyrinth Voyager team activity

As you can see, this version involves a voyage around the world with seven possible destinations. The green ticks are in place of visas; up to three teams can visit a destination at the same time. There is strategy involved moving around the world without becoming trapped! And then there are all those other things we “love” about international travel: volcanic eruptions, industrial action, political instability, bad weather delays and many more to keep all our teams on their toes!

Lots of our customers have international operations so we are really hoping that this new addition will be well-received. We already have a team activity called Round the World – which is delivered by a recording-breaking round-the-world yachtsman. And we also have International Marble Run – a competitive and collaborative team activity which involves linking together giant pipelines. So we are well-placed to help with your next team building event with an international flavour!