Latest News: March - April 2014

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Event News: Summit Or Bust Hitting New Heights!

What a view!

From its very inception a few years ago, our Summit Or Bust! event has always been a great success, but in the first few months of this year, it has proved particularly popular!

Given that it works great for teams that are short on space and time, and the fact that it is a table based activity, it has always been a hit for conferences.....but it seems to be riding a wave of popularity at the moment.

Whilst it is hard to say exactly why, the addition of some new material and props, since Phil and Sharon's most recent expedition to the Himilayas in 2013 - must obviously be bringing something extra to the activity. And as this months featured event, there is a massive 20% off list price for a Summit Or Bust event in March or April 2014. To take advantage of this offer simply contact us now requesting a quote and giving the promo code: MAROFFER.

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Around the Office: We're certifiable - electrically speaking!

Great Printing!

As always at Eventus, our number one priority is to provide fantastic -  but safe - events.

To this end we have recently had all our electrical equipment PAT tested in line with the various regulations depending on the appliance - including no less than 35 hairdryers and almost as many extension leads, both used for our Quality Productions event!

The best news of all though has to be that of the huge variety and number of items tested, not one failed!

If you like the sound of Quality Productions, or any of our events, or if you would like to put our newly tested electricals to the test, why not Contact us now to arrange your event!

Team News: One To Team grows!

Our French Licencees!


We have always enjoyed a close relationship with our Licensees at One To Team over in France and we are very happy to share the news of the arrival of a new member of staff.

Emeline has joined the team - she is young, dynamic and very motivated and brings a fresh pair of eyes to the business.

The existing team members at One To Team are looking forward to the challenge of working within an expanded team and we hope it means they can take on even more events in the year ahead!


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