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Event News: Ballista is hitting the target!

Successful combatants

Every year at about this time of the year, preparations are well under way for a couple of repeat clients that have annual events with us. Often, these events can be some of the highlights of the year, in part because of the fantastic people we get to work with, and in part because of the programe of activities they do - and it's no co-incidence they both include Ballista!

Here at Eventus we love our outdoor events, indoor events and in fact pretty much all of what we do - but there's nothing quite like that boys-with-big-toys feeling of enjoyment that I personally associate with Ballista. Teams are given the task of building our versions of ancient catapults to fling juggling balls at targets. As much fun as they are, they are also great at bringing teams together - rarely do we see teams get so immersed in what they are doing as when they are trying to get the best from their machines. So having spent the last few days making sure they are ready for use, I can happily say I love my job - why not try them out with your colleagues and let us help you to love yours? Contact us now!



Around the Office: New website taking shape!

Great Printing!

Exciting things are afoot here at Eventus! The website has existed in its current form for the last few years, and as well as it has served us, it is probably about time that we update our most important shopwindow, to make sure it reflects the business as we continue to grow and evolve.

A top-quality web design company is currently working hard on templates, colour schemes and all kinds of wierd and wonderful aspects of a new website and fingers crossed it will be going live in the not too distant future - meaning this may well be the last ever news post in this format! But fear not - if you want to continue to be kept up to date with all our goings on, you can follow us on twitter @Eventusuk, or better yet Contact us now and let us know what you want to see on the new website!

Team News: Alistair has started a Flyball Club!

Flyball success!

Alistairs love of his dogs has always been evident since he started with Eventus but it has only been more recently that he has become increasingly involved in the fast-growing dog sport of Flyball.

This interest has now got to the point that he has started his own team! Black Adders Flyball Club is based near Neath and already has had a flurry of interest and new members joining. We wish him and the rest of the club every success, and we hope it continues to grows and succeed in competitions all over the country!


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