Ready to take on Everest?

Phil with Everest Down Suit

The snowdrops may be making an appearance but no snow yet this winter for the Eventus backyard. But as you see from the photo, we’re ready!

This is me trying on my new Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Down Suit for size and, I have to say, it is the business. While I hope to be using this on climbing trips soon, it will also be seeing action during our Summit or Bust Everest team building events. That should give me plenty of opportunity to get to grips with the six-way zipper rainbow drop seat (don’t ask!). Down suits like this are considered an essential part of the high-altitude wardrobe. Conditions change very rapidly so knowing your kit inside out, in darkness, with mitts on, when crushed in a tent in a howling gale, is an essential skill. Venting is also vital as temperature can change in a matter of minutes from -30 to +30. This suit vents so well I’m pretty sure that even in the rigorous environment of the conference room I’ll be OK!

Summit or Bust is proving itself a very versatile tool. In recent months I’ve presented the activity to support themes of teamwork, leadership and business agility. One things for sure…it certainly goes down well with our guests.