Labyrinth Slideshow

Sit back and enjoy our slideshow. Like our team building events, it's interactive.

  • The BEST team ever?
  • Teamwork in action!
  • A team contemplating their next move
  • Who picked this colour for our T-shirts!
  • I'm certain it's this way...what do you think?
  • I wish I hadn't had that second pudding!
  • OK it's agreed...none of us can tie a knot!
  • This is trickier than it looks!
  • Team bonding AND team building
  • You're joking! That will never work
  • Steady does it!
  • A blur of activity
  • have you all gone?
  • This is no time for a foxtrot...grab hold of this!
  • Do you come here often?
  • A winning team on the Labyrinth event

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