A Tablet Treasure Hunt from Eventus

Urban Gaming from Eventus

In this blog post I’m taking a closer look at our Urban Gaming product and what makes it so special.

Is it just another treasure hunt? Absolutely not! While Urban Gaming draws upon some of the best things about a traditional treasure hunt, we move it on to a whole new level. Our tablet treasure hunt computers give immediate responses and can “unlock” challenges and missions at specific times and places as you move around your chosen location, be it a city centre or meeting venue. Then there is the amazing multimedia capability of our tablets that allow your guests to shoot and watch video clips in high definition.

Not everyone loves gadgets: Quite right! That’s why we set-up our tablets and games so they are highly intuitive. During gameplay, you won’t get annoying pop-ups or have to grapple with the settings. You’ll get an exciting team activity that is presented in an eye-catching, engaging format.

Why can’t I use my own smart phone or tablet? You’ll see that some of our competitors offer games that are downloaded direct to your own devices. And this does bring certain advantages; it means they can offer a cheap, standardised product. But let’s think about it a bit more. Devices vary hugely. What looks and performs well on one device may well lag or look less appealing on another. This means the games on offer are usually simplistic with limited features. They’ll also cover their backs by adding in their T&C’s that they cannot guarantee that the game will perform well (or even open) on every device. Is that a risk you’re willing to accept?

So we do it differently. We use modern Samsung Tab 4 7.0 tablets which offer the best balance between portability and user-experience. Everyone taking part gets exactly the same high-quality experience. We send an expert to ensure your game runs smoothly and is delivered professionally. He/she can, if you choose, modify your game to suit your specific wishes, to include your logo/branding, and to ensure your objectives are achieved.

So, you’re expensive then? While it’s safe to say that we are probably not the cheapest option. We do offer a very competitive price for a cutting-edge product that we promise will blow your socks off! And surely your event deserves that?

And a final highlight: Over the years, Eventus has run thousands of events. It is always a highlight for me to see a group with a buzz of excitement at the end of their event, waiting to learn who has come out on top. This is such a great time to show the video clips that each team has shot during the game. The quality of video and audio that our tablets produce is impressive. This makes for a really fun conclusion to your event…and a perfect excuse for a celebratory drink or meal. Cheers!

If you’d like to discover more about Urban Gaming please take a look at our Urban Gaming page.

This post was written by: Phil England – Managing Director of Eventus