Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Discussing tactics on The Labyrinth team building problem solving event

We absolutely love this photo taken on one of our recent events for Atkins’ graduates. It shows them deep in conversation and concentration and about to tackle a short problem-solving exercise on The Labyrinth event.

The Labyrinth can be likened to the TV programme The Crystal Maze – where teams compete over a series of short team building problem solving activities. It is our most versatile and popular event with something for everyone. It can be indoors or outdoors and it’s also a game of strategy too. Teams choose their own problem-solving activities to complete based on their own team strengths and desires as well as their positions on the Labyrinth board. You don’t want to get hemmed into a corner with no options and you always need a Plan B!

Purely for Fun or Review and Discuss!

The Labyrinth can be purely for fun or we can include additional time for teams to review and discuss how they are operating. We ensure that reviews keep a constructive focus helping groups to identify ways in which they can move forward.

Atkins’ organiser Gemma said “Our staff absolutely loved the activity and it really ended our event on a perfect note. The conclusion session was really great for helping some of our guys understand how to take some lessons about team work back to work with them. We already have another 3 dates booked in! A massive thank you again.” The Labyrinth, February 2017 – Gemma S,  Atkins.

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