Conference Energisers & Ice Breakers

A great selection of team energisers and icebreakers to enliven your meeting or conference.

All of the energisers, activities and games outlined below are short but "punchy". Some of these can be tackled in while sitting in classroom (theatre ) syle. Others are "table-top" activities that are tackled by teams seated around tables. Still others require movement and a little more space.

In every case our aim is to energise and enliven your audience as quickly as possible. Our experienced facilitator will ensure the energiser runs exactly to the agreed timings while reinforcing your conference themes and messages.

Energisers & Ice Breakers for classroom (theatre) style:

This is the most challenging of arrangements as both space and movement are limited. However this gives even more reason to include activites and games to kick-start your day, to combat the "graveyard-slot" after lunch or to punctuate your day.

Marble Run Team EnergiserMarble Run

A team activity that can be tackled while fully seated. We pitch row against row in this highly competitive team game. Participants use sections of pipe, gutter and tubing to build a pipeline to carry a marble as quickly as possible across their row. This requires teamwork to get it right and empasises the need for everyone to link together to succeed. Requires about 15 minutes. Contact us for more details

Icebreaker and energiserWhat's in the Bag?

Each seated row receives their mystery bag just as the giant countdown timer fires into view. The bag is stuffed full of puzzles and connundums to solve. The solutions to these yields a code word - and it's a race to discover the code word first. Whilst needing teamwork this is also a fun way to introduce themes for the day, topics and key speakers. Requires about 20 minutes. Contact us for more details

Raise energy with the Cat & Mouse energiser gameCat and Mouse

Your room is divided into "cats" and "mice" and the hunt is on! Will the cat triumph? Or will the mouse prove to clever? This is a competitive team game that requires communication and concentration as guest race to transmit a signal down the line. But will they be quick enough? Requires about 20 minutes. Contact us for more details

Drumming conference energiserDrumming Workshop

Are you looking for the perfect activity to add some buzz to your conference? Participants quickly pick up the rhythm and soon everyone is contributing to one mighty sound! This a light-hearted and fun activity that everyone can enjoy. A typical session lasts for 30 to 60 minutes and is a perfect way to round off a conference.

Contact us for more details



Both interative quizzes with handheld voting devices or Pub type quizzes are really brilliant for conferences. Quizzes can be themed to match your conference theme and can be used as an ice breaker or energiser or a full-blown activity lasting about an hour. Contact us for more details

Interactive Voting Systems

Do you want a bit of audience participation and interaction? Our Interactive Voting Keypads can be used for quizzes and "Who Wants to Be a £Millionnaire?" type quizzes as well as asking what the audience thinks about certain topics. Vote for your favourite speakers, competition winners, new corporate logo, colours, etc. A really fun way to get your audience engaged. Contact us for more details


Not just any old bingo! Theme your Bingo to your conference theme. Introduce new products in a fun way. Contact us for more details

Energisers & Icebreakers for caberet (sitting at tables) style:

Energise your guests with Summit or BustSummit or Bust!

This exciting new energiser takes teams from Base Camp to the summit of Everest all without leaving the comforts of the conference room!
This high-paced team energiser will really engage participants while linking closely to a conference theme such as Overcoming Challenges or Reaching for the Top, or No Limits. Our mountain-man facilitator will guide teams in their race for the summit.. More info...

Escape - team energiserEscape!

An indoor table-top team conference energiser of a more cerebral nature guaranteed to stimulate debate! Escape! lasts for about 45 minutes and is suitable for almost any number of participants from 5 to 500. This energiser links in well to many conference messages and in particular to messages about working collaboratively or making the right choices. Do your team have what it takes to pull together and escape? More info...

Energisers when a little more space is available:

Energise your conference!Marble Run

A great team game! Although our photo shows this energiser running outdoors, it is ideal for the conference room. We make use of whatever space is available to weave pipelines up, through, down and across your conference room!
Lasting 15 to 30 minutes this activity will get everyone buzzing. Ideal to focus on the Delivery Chain or Succeeding Together or similar themes.
Contact us for more info...

Raising energy levels in your teamsTeam Juggling

Again we show an oudoor photo - you can't beat a sunny day for a nice picture! However this energizer is perfect indoors and will really get the teamwork going.
This breakout game is ideal to focus on your conference theme such as Stepping up to the Mark or Achieving Goals. Our experienced conference facilitator will ensure the messages are delivered.
Contact us for more info...

We also have a wide range of team games that you can buy and run yourself. Please visit our sister website Eventus Events

Ice Breaker Games & Ideas to Run Yourself:

Collection of icebreakers
Spice up your own training, meetings & events with this fabulous collection of incredible Ice Breaker Games and ideas. Instantly downloadable, these superb collections will enhance any event - whether you are organising a corporate meeting, training course, party, function or family reunion. Used by Eventus for many years, these collections contain our favourite all time icebreakers and many more, brought to you from our sister web-site: Incredible Ice Breaker Games & Ideas

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